The Event Program

Panel: Data, AI and Ethics in a Hyperconnected World

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023 02:00 - 02:45
Venue: Cinema 1

The opportunities for gathering data are endless. Open Banking made bank share their data with third parties. Open Finance is pushing this one step further, and the debate on Open Data allows for cross-industry data sharing.

Despite the opportunities, banks should also consider the constraints, which are often less technical but more on a human level. AI has capabilities beyond societal and people's expectations.
  • How should banks balance this? 
  • What are the ethical constraints for trusted organisations like banks? 
  • Is simple consent in using and interpreting data enough? 
  • What is fair usage of these data?
In this session, we will look at both the theory and practice of how the financial industry is balancing the opportunity of consuming and sharing data vs the limitations from a societal and ethical perspective.
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